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Little Cabin is a full-service independent record label focused on hands-on efforts with our artists. Simple. Complete. Assured. Trustworthy. Our label works closely with only the best in the business, including top-of-the-line press/publicity firms, sync licensing companies, and one of the largest music, film, and video distribution companies in the world.  The services we provide include A&R, radio, online, and national and international PR and press relations, production of audio and visual content, publishing, social media marketing expertise, and global distribution to hundreds of digital and mobile outlets.

Now a little about this lady on the right. I started in the entertainment business in my early 20’s in Minneapolis, I began my career managing models and talent for Elite Model Management. It’s an unusual story. It was suggested to me that I give modeling a try while I was still in college, back in the early ‘80s. I was studying psycho-sociology and urban studies, and I thought it was an appropriate transition. So I gave it a go. As I was working the runway, however, I realized I would rather do the choreography, the production, the client management, and direction - instead of being out there myself. At the infamous First Avenue Nightclub on Hennepin Avenue I began doing just that. Those Friday nights were special. Prince, Morris Day, Jerome, Wendy and Lisa… man, those after-parties were great.

So at about eight years in, I was managing about 500 talents out of three different facilities in the Twin Cities. I am a pretty brain-integrated being, so doing the policy and procedure, developing administrative and human resource programs, hiring and training, booking, producing… all of these things satisfied my left brain. And the creative direction, artist development, asset creation and presentation, and client relations all gave my right brain the excitement of doing something really cool. And my heart beat stronger when I was doing these things for someone whom I cared about; a talent that had the guts and potential, but not the where-with-all. I wanted to help these fabulous actors and models learn to sparkle.

I married by college sweetheart, and when he was transferred I had a big decision to make about my career. Luckily for me, John Casablancas found in me the talents to help him grow his agencies nation-wide, so as I followed my husband, I was able to continue in the business, traveling to those agencies that needed a little direction, or a little nudge in the right direction. So I traveled for a few years doing that, getting these different facilities up to par. It was a great gig, but I missed the one-on-one with the talents, which was my initial impetus to get in the business to begin with. At that point I had investors in place and even a space in place, and I was going to start my own agency in Chicago.

Then I got pregnant.

During the beginning of those long years of raising three children, I continued in the entertainment business, but my kids always came first. So as it happened, there went the idea of kicking ass on my own. I stopped working for Elite. I started working locally here in Chicago with numerous start-ups, developing business models and P&P, doing the hiring, training, administrative support… these types of skills that basically transfer to any business.

Some of the great opportunities that presented themselves to me during that time included working on a community and fundraising level, writing, directing & producing live stage shows, and the development and pre-production of films and projects, including live music events for Oneness World Beat Music, Sundance Film Festival in association with PBS, Mountain Jam Music Festival, World Peace One, and The Shift, And as the kids grew older, I grew bolder and began working as a Life Coach (yeah, I am a spirit-walker.) I loved working one-on-one again with people, setting them on a path of their choosing, helping them through issues of self-esteem, happiness, job satisfaction, medical issues, and spiritual development. And as the kids grew up, so did I.

Silberman Productions grew out of that. I started the imprint Little Cabin Entertainment in 2013. I re-established old friendships and networks and established new ones. I feel fortunate to be working with the caliber of professionals to whom I am so grateful. I am so proud of my artists, and continue to cultivate new artists and new relationships. And I want yours to be one of them.

We at Little Cabin believe that music is the only universal language, and strive to connect our listeners to the music that speaks to us. Through our multiple contacts within the wide expanse of the expanse of the entertainment industry, we can give you personalized, interactive support. We would love to welcome you to the family! 

Ann Silberman

Chicago | Los Angeles


LJ Silberman, my oldest daughter, is my partner and crime in this company. She handles A&R, publishing administration, web and graphic design, and creative consulting. She is currently a senior in University of Southern California’s Thornton School of Music, soon to be receiving a Bachelor of Science in Music Industry. LJ has also been working as a coordinator for various film production companies in conjunction with her schoolwork, two of which are in production on feature films, and has been credited as both an Associate Producer and Unit Production Manager on a couple feature and short film projects. Through her diligent school and professional work, she has developed a keen sense for high quality and marketable music, and is my second set of ears on all submissions. In her spare time, you can find her out dancing to funk music, sipping whiskey at The Hotel Cafe listening to local singer-songwriters, camping and hiking around the greater Southern California area, backpacking around the world, or binge-watching the newest shows on Netflix (unless she’s been sucked back into The Office void - c’mon, we’ve all been there…) If you can’t reach me for any reason, please don’t hesitate to give her a call.



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